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Sun Chlorella Post Workout?

by Sun Chlorella
Sun Chlorella Post Workout?

If you're wondering if you should be keeping a stash of chlorella tablets or powder in your gym or yoga bag then you're right on. Not only will you have an easy time taking it during this time of day (since you may reach for a snack or meal after exercising anyways) - but incorporating chlorella into your post-workout ritual is like having a gut health coach working your insides.

Chlorella is an alkaline food, which means it helps neutralise lactic acid buildup caused by muscle movement. Lactic acid builds up during exercise and can contribute to joint pain and muscle aches. Chlorella can also help replenish the vitamins, electrolytes and minerals needed for both hydration and recovery.

It's no wonder chlorella has been used by sports athletes, body builders and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. 

Some of these reasons that chlorella's recommended by Sports Performance Coaches and Dietitians are : 

• Aides in increasing Oxygen uptake

• Helps speed up recovery

• Highest amount of chlorophyll

• Powerful heavy metal detoxification

• A complete amino acid profile




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