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5 Reasons Why Vegans Should Add Chlorella to Their Diet

by Sun Chlorella
5 Reasons Why Vegans Should Add Chlorella to Their Diet

Following a vegan diet comes with many health perks. But it can also mean missing out on crucial nutrients. That's where the superfood chlorella comes in!

This freshwater green algae packs a nutritional punch, delivering many vitamins, minerals and compounds that strict plant eaters don't always get enough of.

Keep reading to learn the top 5 benefits of adding chlorella supplements to a vegan lifestyle.

1.Complete Vegan Protein

Chlorella contains a whopping 60% protein with all nine essential amino acids for complete plant-based protein. Most vegan foods lack one or more essential protein components that chlorella provides.

Just 20 grams of chlorella powder meets over 100% of your recommended daily protein intake. This supports energy levels, muscle growth and tissue repair without meat or dairy.

2.Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s are crucial for heart and brain health. The plant form ALA found in nuts and seeds must be converted in the body to active DHA and EPA.

Chlorella delivers direct-source DHA omega-3s that are more efficiently used. A vegan diet often lacks enough of these beneficial fats.

3.Iron and Vitamin C

Iron carries oxygen through the blood and is challenging to obtain from plant foods. Chlorella provides absorbable iron.

It also contains vitamin C to significantly boost iron absorption and combat the iron deficiency common in vegans.

4.Vitamin B12

Lack of B12 on a vegan diet can lead to fatigue, neurological issues and megaloblastic anaemia.

While levels vary, chlorella provides natural bioavailable B12 not found in most plants, helping vegans avoid deficiency.


Zinc supports immune function, DNA formation, neurologic activity and growth. It's present in meat and dairy but scarce in plants.

Chlorella is an excellent plant-based source of this essential mineral to meet vegans' increased zinc needs.

Reap the Benefits with Daily Chlorella

Chlorella's unique nutrition profile makes it a must for any plant-based diet. Take 2-5 grams daily in tablet, powder or extract form to obtain optimal protein, omega-3s, iron, vitamin B12, zinc and other nutrients.

Going vegan doesn't mean skimping on essential vitamins and minerals. Get what your body needs from chlorella - nature's multivitamin!


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