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Getting back into the gym after a (long) break

by Adelaide Silver-Hill
Getting back into the gym after a (long) break


Getting back into the gym after a long break

Let's face it, life in lockdown has been tough on everybody. One allocated hour of exercise a day, non-stop banana bread, and a universal feeling of gloom has left a lot of us wondering if we will ever see the inside of a gym again.

Figuring out how to start working out again after so long indoors is a huge challenge for many of us. Facing up to the fact that a year and a half away from our gym, and the way the absence may have changed your body is difficult. Inevitably, there is a dilemma ahead, and after a year of uphill struggles this may appear insurmountable.

1. Manage expectations – it starts with the mind

After a long period of inactivity, it wouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that your form may have slipped. However, this doesn’t mean that you are starting again from zero. Evidence shows that retraining after time off won’t take as long as you think: in fact, it’s likely going to require three months of training or less! One thing to look out for is the post-workout pain : it might take some time for your body to wake up again, but the endorphins will be worth it.

2. Don’t be judgmental

Going back to the gym after a while can be daunting – but it’s important to remember that nobody is judging you. Have a little faith in yourself. Drastic changes in the body are a natural consequence of drastic changes in your environment. It is okay to take things at your own pace. If exercising four times a week sounds impossible, start with 10 minute work outs.

3. Revisit the basics – and take it slowly

Your body might not be ready to return to your pre pandemic work out regime. You don’t want to hurt yourself. When lifting weights, try easing in with lighter weights and shorter sets. Focus on rebuilding strength and keeping your workouts low intensity. There’s no point putting yourself at risk of injury.

4.Try a class – exercise is fun

It can be really hard to get motivated when you’re down. Fitness isn’t all about pumping weights at the gym. It doesn’t have to be repetitive or clinical to be genuinely good for you. Consider taking up a class that interests you – you can re-introduce yourself to fitness while learning a fun new skill at the same time. Being led by an instructor can be a great motivator to keep moving.

5. Go with a friend

Workout buddies are great for keeping motivated, checking form, and maintaining a consistent schedule. Together, you can keep each other accountable. This can mean connecting with somebody who has a regular workout routine, or starting from the starting line together. Trying new exercises or classes with friends keeps things light and is a nice way to introduce yourselves to new things, while keeping fitness fun.

6. Get your nutrition right 

We've all experienced those post workout DOMS. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Our poor muscles just didn't have a clue as to what's hit them, and you need to get them recovered- and fast! After all, you're just getting back into the gym, and we can't have this as an excuse to not get back in for your next dose.

Here's where Sun Chlorella really helps. Chlorella provides quality nutrition which helps your body to recover much quicker. 

Chlorella contains a unique element that you can’t find anywhere else, and that is chlorella growth factor (CGF). This nucleotide-peptide complex of nucleic acids allows this algae to multiply at an astounding rate. When ingested, CGF can help cellular repair and renewal for support in muscle recovery and tissue repair. It may even boost stamina.

Discover just how Sun Chlorella can get you performing at your best. 


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