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How To Support Your Mental Health In A World Filled With Information Overload

by Adelaide Silver-Hill
How To Support Your Mental Health In A World Filled With Information Overload

Don’t Mind the News

Limit time spent listening to the same news and limit it to once or twice a day so you stay informed but avoiding overwhelming yourself. Take it one day at a time! Research has shown that people have better long-term mental health outcomes when taking this approach during a crisis. 

Connection with others
Relationships can take the backseat when our environment becomes more chaotic. It is so important to maintain connections with loved ones when times get rough, to have a safe space to share the experiences you are having. Keep up your traditions and don’t let the things that make you happy fall by the wayside. Take time to play with children and pets and to visit elderly relatives, and you may feel more connected to your sense of self and the things that are truly important.

Situations that make us anxious result in shallow breathing and tightness in the diaphragm.  Follow a mindfulness program online with breathing exercises to train your body into slower diaphragmatic breathing, which activates the relaxation response in the nervous system.  

Ensure you’re taking in adequate calories for your body size and adjust to your level of exercise. Eat quality wholefoods and use lots of herbs and spices that boost the immune system, such as ginger and garlic. Sun Chlorella is packed with essential nutrients and will help your body feel better. Sun Eleuthero is an adaptogen that helps your body deal with stress, and this combination is bound to have you feeling like your old happy self again.

If you're feeling under the weather, start your day with a smoothie instead of a coffee. They're packed with nutrients, are easy to digest and they help hydrate you. Soups are also great. There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy comfort eating.

Move your body every day. Take some time to exercise outdoors where possible or otherwise tune in to a live or pre-recorded online workout. If going for a walk or run, listen to a motivational Podcast and boost your mindset at the same time.

Good quality sleep is crucial to keeping a strong and healthy immune system. Try to keep a regular sleep pattern and avoid listening to the news before sleeping.  Have at least an hour of low light, and low noise prior to sleeping.  Listen to a guided meditation to help you unwind and let go of over-thinking and tension in the body.  


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