Important Notice

Dear Valued Customer

Sun Chlorella UK are changing the way we sell our products in the future.

As of the 28th February 2015, we will no longer be selling Sun Chlorella products via this website (or mail order or phone). This decision is in response to more and more people across the UK discovering and enjoying our products – which is great news! As a result, we need to make sure it remains as convenient as possible for you to purchase our products. So essentially, we have decided to continue focussing on producing premium natural health products – and by working closely with our UK retailers, we can ensure we focus our time and attention on production, whilst your sales needs are catered for by our trusted retailers.

When does this happen? You will continue to be able to enjoy Sun Chlorella UK’s premium nutritional supplements range, which as of the 28th February 2015 will no longer be available directly from Sun Chlorella UK (website, mail order or phone) – but will be available for purchase from all existing retailers.

Where can I still buy Sun Chlorella? You can continue to buy our products from Victoria Health, Nutri Centre, Bodykind, Revital Stores, and other good health stores. You can find your nearest Sun Chlorella UK Stockist via this section of our website:

In addition, we are also aiming to have our products available in more health stores in the future.

What about my Premier Club points? All Sun Chlorella UK customers have until the 31st December 2014 to earn Premier Club points, at which time points will stop being allocated. You will then have until the 28th February 2015 to redeem all remaining points on your accounts before the Premier Club programme closes (if sufficient points have been earned as per the standard Premier Club conditions).

If you have any questions regarding these changes – please do contact our customer service team and we will be happy to answer any queries. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, for choosing Sun Chlorella products – and for sharing our vision (in the words of Hideo Nakayama, Sun Chlorella Group Founder): “health is not a ‘gift’ but something each person is responsible for, through his or her own daily effort.”

Shinya Okahisa All the best!
Shinya Okahisa, Branch Manager – and the Sun Chlorella UK team