Q What are the health benefits of taking chlorella?

A Since December 2012, health claims made in relation to food products require authorisation under regulation EC 1924/2006 before they can be used in labelling and marketing in The EU. The Sun Chlorella Corporation has sponsored many trials over several decades and there are more in progress.

Q Is Sun Chlorella affected by radiation from Fukushima?

A Sun Chlorella is not affected by radiation from Fukushima. Our chlorella is actually grown in Taiwan, but our final manufacturing processes take place in Japan. The factory is 325 miles from Fukushima, and the product and local environment are regularly checked for radiation. Independent testing takes place and the certificates are produced at customs before the product is allowed into The EU.

Q What is the recommended serving for children?

A Although Sun Chlorella “A” is a completely natural supplement, we always recommend you consult a health professional before making significant changes to your diet. This is also the case for children. Sun Chlorella ‘A’ is a great way to introduce the benefits of a natural food supplement to your children’s diet. Try starting children with the number of tablets that corresponds to their age (e.g. five tablets for a 5-year old). We do not recommend giving our products to infants.

Q Why should I start taking Sun Chlorella gradually?

A We suggest this to allow your body to adjust to taking a natural green food supplement. If you already take chlorella, spirulina or blue-green algae you may prefer to take the recommended serving immediately.

Q When should I take Sun Chlorella?

A You can take Sun Chlorella ‘A’ whenever it is most convenient for you. However, if your diet does not already include natural green foods, we recommend taking the product with a meal to help with the digestion of Sun Chlorella ‘A’.

Q Where can I buy Sun Chlorella products?

A You can find your nearest stockists, retailers or independent health food stores on this website, https://www.sunchlorella.co.uk/about-us/stockists or you can call us on freephone 0800 008 6166.