Company Profile & Vision


“Health is not a ‘gift’ but something each person is
responsible for, through his or her own daily effort.”

Hideo Nakayama, Sun Chlorella Group Founder

More than 40 years after the company was founded, we still look to Mr Nakayama’s Japanese philosophy to inspire us to always put ourselves in the customer’s place: providing consumers with the best and most valuable nutritional supplements, especially chlorella. We have spent more than 40 years following this philosophy, and have been rewarded with tens of millions of customers and fans all across the globe – with 20 countries and regions.

In the world of chlorella, a lot has happened in the last 40 years, with new uses and potentials being discovered all the time. Most notably, the creation of the unique DYNO®-MILL system meant that the Sun Chlorella Corporation were the first to fully explore the nutritional potential of chlorella, greatly increasing its appeal primarily in Japan then eventually worldwide.

Now it seems that everyone, from celebrities to health experts, have caught the chlorella bug and with continuous new research and development in the Sun Chlorella Lab, who knows what’s in store next!

Hideo Nakayama